Centarion was built upon based on years of experience and expertise in accelerating growth through a tailored marketing and sales strategy. Our consultants have the knowledge to analyze your organization’s existing field operation, understand your growth objectives, introduce¬†an effective operating strategy and ultimately enable you to fully utilize your organization’s market potential. Regardless of whether you are in volatile or stable markets, startups or established companies, Centarion¬†will help you fulfill your growth needs and attract further investments.

Centarion not only provides its clients a growth strategy; we also provide your organization the choices of additional venture capital support to finance your growth. We understand the fact that growth requires capital and we will provide your organization with access to both as part of our consulting engagement. Please feel free contacting us directly and discuss your plan with one of our associates.





Centarion’s value is driven through clear and honest communication.


Large or small, the clients and customers are more than revenue; their loyalty and satisfaction drives all decisions.


We think forward to the future – decisions are always made with short, medium and long terms in consideration.